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About Our Country
APRACITI is a world-class medical cybersecurity consulting and services company that helps medical device manufacturers and developers navigate the complex world of medical device cybersecurity. Our industry experts help company meet the regulatory and go-to-market challenges by delivering critical thinking and expertise.

Service Overview

Our specialized services are focused on helping ensure the security and integrity of your medical devices throughout their total-product-lifecycle.

By creating key deliverables such as comprehensive threat models, supporting design reviews, managing security requirements, and crafting risk assessments, our services provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to protecting your products and supporting regulatory submissions.

We provide the necessary expertise and support needed to proactively manage risks, enhance security, and maintain the highest standards throughout your product’s journey.

Experienced Solutions

Product Security Engineering & Documentation
Ensure the security and cybersafety of your medical devices with our comprehensive Product Security Engineering & Documentation service. Our expert team takes the lead in performing key cybersecurity activities required for regulatory submissions, providing you with the essential support needed throughout the product development lifecycle. We offer a range of services, including drafting cybersecurity risk management plans, reports, and MDS2 forms; developing architecture and data flow diagrams; conducting threat modeling; authoring cybersecurity requirements; supporting cybersecurity testing, verification, and validation (V&V) testing; and providing submission guidance.
Product Security Design Engineering
We specialize in providing comprehensive Product Security Design Engineering services to ensure the development of safe and secure medical devices. Our team of experts offers technical cybersecurity support throughout the design phase, ensuring that security is engrained as a core functionality of your devices.
Product Security for Product Cloud
Secure your product cloud environments with our specialized service tailored for cloud-based solutions. Our expert team provides comprehensive cybersecurity design support to ensure the integrity and protection of your products.