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20 Years of Innovation and Experience in Cybersecurity & Technology

Our Managing Director is a thought leader in Healthcare Cybersecurity Industry, with over two decades of experience working in cybersecurity and technology. In addition to developing and leading a Product Security program at one of the largest healthcare companies in the world, Colin has supported numerous organizations building medical technology with their cybersecurity needs.

Product Security for your Organization

We offer product security services including assessments, maturity evaluation, strategic goal development, and quality management system integration. Strengthen your product security with our expertise and support.

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Product Security for your Products

Crafting threat models, design reviews, requirements management, and risk assessments, our comprehensive services help protect your products and support regulatory submissions. Take a proactive approach to product security.

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Product Security Assessments

With comprehensive reviews of your security practices, technical measures, and regulatory submissions, we provide valuable insights and enhance your overall security posture. Trust us to help safeguard your organization's offerings.

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Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Read about some of the issues and challenges that others have faced while navigating the complex world of device cybersecurity

What is your clients’ biggest challenge?

Digesting the plethora of cybersecurity requirements and industry standards to understand what they need to build in their product. Ask us. WE KNOW.

Have you worked with the FDA?

We have extensive experience partnering and collaborating with the FDA on industry initiatives and guidance documents. Through these efforts, we are in constant communication with key members of their cybersecurity team.

Why should we hire APRACITI?

It’s Our Approach – we become partners with our clients, helping to support and guide them every step of the way. As we perform and deliver our work, we take the time to educate, provide guidance and train key stakeholders. Our goal is to help the organization better understand the medical device cybersecurity universe, so it is not so daunting and scary.

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The Medical Device Cybersecurity Industry is Growing. We Know, We’ve Been There Since the Beginning.


Limited Human Capital

This is a rapidly expanding space and there is a significant shortage in cybersecurity professionals, let alone ones that have experience in healthcare. Organizations are taking months to find a candidate to hire and then 12-18 months to properly train them. So, you’re looking at investing >2 years in a person before they are in a position to positively impact the organization.


Growing Requirements

Regulatory agencies and customers are enhancing and expanding their requirements of device manufacturers. This combined with the ever-growing list of industry standards is making it a challenge with medical device manufacturers to keep up and ensure they are managing cybersecurity properly.


Managing Risks

Technology is growing at a rapid pace in healthcare, but the ability to secure it is struggling to keep up. Healthcare continues to be one of the biggest targets of cyber attacks and enhancing technology increases risk. The difference with healthcare is the impact is human life. It literally can be a matter of life and death.


Highest Quality

APRACITI was started to help medical technology companies that do not have the cybersecurity knowledge or expertise required. We do not want cybersecurity to be a roadblock in getting a new lifesaving technology to market, rather our goal is to support these organizations so they can bring safe, secure, trustworthy devices of the highest quality to market.

Cybersecurity Support For Organizations Developing Medical Devices or Healthcare Technology.

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